10 Extremely Affordable Style Upgrades

Easy moves that won’t break the bank but will boost your overall style.

Fashion can be difficult sometimes. It’s easy to get caught up in the label race of trying to have the newest and nicest everything. Thankfully, we’re giving you 10 quick tips on things you can be doing to ensure that you’re looking your best with the clothes you already own. It’s not always about going out and buying the most expensive thing available. Sometimes it’s great to just keep your current wardrobe and figure out what can be done to make it work for you. Let’s get started.


I’m sure you’re sick of us talking about fit and its importance, but there’s a reason we keep bringing it up. Fit will always make or break an outfit. It can be jeans and a white tee but if it fits just right, it’s going to look great! If you’re a thicker person, buy accordingly and then get certain spots tailored. Don’t buy too small thinking that it’s going to give you a fitted look. Buy what feels comfortable and then get it taken in to fit how it should.

Collar and Tie Knot

This one isn’t something a lot of guys think about. If you’re wearing a shirt with a really wide spread collar, you want to fill a good amount of that open space with your tie knot. If you’re wearing an oxford button down style collar, you won’t have as much space to fill, so you want to go with a knot that’s a bit smaller. Spread collars are good with half windsor knots and tighter collars are great with a classic four in hand knot.

Lapels and Tie Knots

This is another thing you’ve definitely heard us discuss in the past. If you want to look like you know what you’re doing, ensure that your lapel and tie knot work together nicely. The basic rule of thumb is that your tie knot and your jacket’s lapels should match. What that means is that if you have a wide lapeled jacket, which are very popular right now, then your tie knot should be wide as well. Go with a half windsor knot or something a bit larger. If you’re wearing a skinnier fit suit and the lapels are narrow, wear a tie knot that’s slim and trim. A big knot will look odd with small lapels.


It’s always smart to try and match your top half to your bottom half dimensionally. What this means is that if you’re wearing an oversized shirt then you probably don’t want to wear some extremely skinny jeans. You’ll end up looking like a flamingo. Be aware of how things fit you when putting together your outfit.

Pattern and Color Mixing

This one’s all about contrast. Knowing how a color wheel works is a great way to determine if colors go well together. When you’re starting out on your fashion journey, you’ll want to stick to what classically works until you’re comfortable enough to start taking some more chances. In terms of patterns, the best way to mix them is to take two subtle patterns and mix them together. You probably don’t want to wear a bold polka dot with a bold plaid. It’s going to look a bit too intense.


Keeping to the standard accessories is the smartest move you can make. It’s not necessary to immediately jump into wearing a pocket square, a full hand of rings, a lapel flower, and a wallet chain. If you choose to wear all of these things on their own, great. However, you don’t want to combine them all together because it’ll look sloppy. On the other hand, you also don’t want to wear no accessories because you’ll look a bit blank. Stick with a classic minimalist watch, a pocket square, and maybe a single ring.


Having a clean haircut, trimmed facial hair, kept eyebrows, and healthy skin are all just as important as what you’re wearing. If you can’t afford to get a regular haircut, start learning to trim it yourself. Use your trimmer for the back of your neck once a week to keep yourself looking as fresh as possible. Be applying lotion after you shave and shower so your skin looks as clean and healthy as possible.

Bar Lacing

This is a way of lacing your shoes that’s a bit different than the normal. It’s kind of like a step up because it looks clean and different yet it didn’t cost you anything. You can also invest in off colored laces for your dress shoes if you feel like taking the time to change them out with each outfit. Learn how to bar lace your dress shoes here.

Shoe Polish

Keeping your dress shoes looking good for as long as possible is important. Not only will it prevent you from having to reinvest more money into a new pair but people will notice how clean and shiny they are, which is excellent. Shoe polish is extremely affordable and by doing it once every couple of weeks you’ll be taking the best possible care of your shoes.

Iron Your Clothes

It’s amazing how few people iron their clothes anymore. We’re all busy, of course, but taking the extra five minutes to ensure your outfit is pressed and clean will make a huge difference. It’s one of those things that people may not notice after it’s been done but they’ll definitely notice if you don’t do it at all. Get yourself an iron and learn the proper way to iron your clothes.


Be aware of what you’re dressing for. A job interview isn’t the place for your fun pizza dress socks. However, if you’re attending a friend’s wedding, fun socks are a great way to add some of your own personal flair into a look without stealing too much attention. Lastly, get yourself some no-show socks for wearing with shorts or during warmer weather.

That’s it guys, 10 things you can be doing for little to no money that will keep you looking your best! Show us how you’re using these tips on social media by using #gentslounge.

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