10 Winter Essentials 2018

Living in Los Angeles, we don’t get to see winter unless we travel 3+ hours up the mountains.  Luckily, growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania (currently the snowiest city in America!) I learned a thing or two about surviving the winter months.  Which, in my case, used to be November to March.

The Essentials:

1. Winter Gloves

You can’t leave the house after a recent snowfall without gloves on your hands.  If you do, your fingers will be frozen before you can scrape a hole in the windshield just big enough to see out of but definitely not big enough to be considered safe. Good! You’ve decided gloves are the way to go.   Now you have a decision to make. Do you want to be stylish and kind of warm or look like you may have hit the ski slopes before pulling up to the office?  Either way, I’ve certainly done both.  I tend to suffer for fashion’s sake but a guy can only take so much cold.

2. Winter Hats

About a decade ago you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone in a beanie.  No matter if it was 100 or 0 degrees out, beanies were everywhere.  In the last few years, the summer beanie has become less and less of a thing, thank god!  Nevertheless, when the temperature drops hats are a must.

3. Winter Scarves

It’s up for debate but scarves might be the most essential winter accessory.  The amount of warmth and style a scarf can add to an outfit is in a league all its own.  If you only know a few ways to tie a scarf, here’s a little video we put together last year to help up your scarf game.


4. Winter Jackets

This one is obvious! Everyone needs a good winter coat.

5. TurtleNecks

Turtlenecks can be a bit tricky to pull off but once you figure them out you’re on your way to becoming a style icon.

6. Winter Boots


When it comes to boots, you just want to make sure you get something with traction and something that will keep your foot dry.  If you find both, your feet will have a very pleasant winter.


7. Heavy Wool Socks

8. Knit Sweaters

Layering is a number one priority in cold weather and knit sweaters are the number one layering item.


9. House Slippers

If your house has as much tile as mine does you already know why these are on the list. If you don’t, well, be ready to welcome your feet to a winter of warmth.


10. Lip Balm


Last but not least! Take care of your skin in this harsh weather. Applying lip balm is the least you can do.

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