3 Ways To Give Your Outfit That Extra “Pop”

To give your outfit that extra “pop” you need only think of one simple term, contrast. Contrast is what makes your outfit pop.  If you add too much you’ll look like a clown, if you don’t add enough…. Well, then you won’t have much pop will you? It’s all about balance.

There are many ways to add a “pop” to your outfit here are a few ways to get started:




Adding a pop of color can make a plain outfit stand out.  Throw on a classic navy or grey suit with a white dress shirt and add the pop with accessories.  Find a bold tie or pocket square and that will be enough contrast to make your outfit pop.  Pro Tip: switching up the tie and pocket square is much more affordable than finding a new suit everyday.

gents lounge


If you find yourself wanting to go a bit bold try going with a tonal look and contrasting your patterns.  For this look you want to pick one color and find a shirt, tie, and pocket square of different patterns.  This will create contrast in the patterns you have chosen and take your styling to the next level.

gents lounge


The same rules apply here as above.  Create an outfit of mostly similar textures, we say something smooth works best as to many rough textures would make the outfit too busy.  Add contrast with a chunky scarf or a textured fabric like tweed or wool.  Mixing textures is much easier when it’s chilly out.  No one wants to be wearing tweed or wool in the summer.


The key to adding that “pop” is to keep the majority of things subtle and pick one or two areas to make a bold statement.  It’s important to remember there are some occasions where you don’t want to make too much of a statement (Funerals, Black Tie Events, Job Interviews, Etc..)


Here is how we do it:

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