4 Drinking Apps You Need to Download Before Your Next Night Out

Picture your ideal night out.  What do you see? A packed dance floor? A chill dive bar? A friend buying a round of drinks? Maybe a little bit of everything.  We all know you can never force the perfect night out. How many times have you tried to recreate a previous night out just to be disappointed?  You may not be able to force a good night out but you can certainly guide the night in the right direction.

– This one is only for the people who like free drinks –


Who doesn’t like free booze?  Well that is exactly what Hooch gives you, kinda.  Pay about $10 a month and you can have one free drink a day from any number of bars in your general vicinity.  If you really want to get after it that’s 30+ drinks for $10.  Sounds like one hell of a deal.  How it works:  first, you find a bar from the list of bars close to you. Then it will give you a few drink options to pick from, show the bar tender and BOOM next thing you know there’s a free drink sitting in front of you.  We went with an Old Fashioned from The Golden Gopher for our first.

Check out the app HERE. Use code: u5d4u8 and get a month FREE.

– Find the perfect spot –


Have you ever spent a night roaming from bar to bar looking for the right place to kick it?  What if there was an app that told you whether a bar was packed or not before you even showed up? Or even told you the type of music that the DJ was playing and if there were cute girls there or not? Well there actually is an app like that, and it’s called Roo.  Roo is basically Waze for drinking.  Users check in and tell others the vibes of the bars they are at. Allowing you to make an informed decision where you should head first, if there is something better near by, or even if it’s time to call it a night.  Never have another night wondering from bar to bar just to realize you should have stayed where you were in the first place.

Get the app HERE.

– For the Craft Beer Lovers –


Craving your favorite brew? Find a bar that has it on tap and ready to go.  Untappd gives you everything a craft beer lover could dream of.  Some of our favorite features include a list of nearby beers and venues to drink them. A personal log of beers you’ve tried. Now no matter how drunk you were when you tried it you’ll have a picture and know what you thought of that beer.  It’s up to you if you trust your drunk self or not though.  Lastly, there is a list of the most popular beers as rated by the users on the site.  Think of it as the holy grails of hops, these beers are hard to find and are most likely going to be more expensive than your average brew but if you so happen to find yourself in a bar with one of these options on hand you owe it to your fellow craft beer brothers to give them a try.

Get the app HERE.

– Act like the wine snob you wish you were –


When you are out at dinner looking over a wine list of 100+ wines how are you supposed to pick the perfect wine for the night?  A sommelier may help you out and make some suggestions but don’t you want to feel like you had something to do with the design you just made?  Thankfully Vivino came along.  Vivino is an app that tells you everything you want to know about pretty much any wine in the world.  All you have to do is take a picture of the bottle and voila you have the average price, rating, reviews, and even how it ranks against all other wines in the world.  One of our favorite features is the fact you can take a picture of a whole wine list and it will show you all the wines on the list.  Now you can look like you know what you’re talking about while out to dinner with your hot date or even Mom and Dad.  A man who can tackle a wine list is a sexy thing.

Get the app HERE.

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