4 Tips for Summer Layering

It’s a year ’round activity, gents.

Winter and fall are notorious in the world of style for allowing you to layer however the hell you want. Summer tends to get no love in this arena. Instead, people try to wear the least possible amount of clothes (cue the tank top and flip flops). Cut that sh**t out. You’re better than that. We have some tips that will help you stay cooler than cool (ice cold!).

Consider Functionality

Every layer has a purpose. You want them all to work together. The base layer, your undershirt, is for perspiration control. It really helps absorb those pit stains. The second layer, your shirt of the day, is for ventilation. The top layer, your jacket, is for protection against the elements – the wind and sun, in this case. Ideally, with this setup, you can remove and add layers as the temperature gets warmer and cooler throughout the day. 



When the sun doesn’t stop beating down on you, you’ll want clothes made of materials that breathe–materials like cotton, linen, chambray and seersucker. These interact best with air and water. They let air flow through and can handle a good amount of water without feeling wet.


Stay Light

We’re talking fabric and color. The same fabrics that help you ventilate will be the lightest in terms of weight. The less fabric you can get away with, the better. Linen long-sleeve shirts, cotton tees, and short-sleeve buttons-ups will work wonders. For your top layer, stick to unstructured jackets. This means they are unlined (or half-lined), so they’re generally lighter. When it comes to color, try to avoid darker shades, as they’ll absorb more heat and warm you up faster. This is why lighter colors trend for the warmer months–they’re more reflective and generally more bearable in the sun.


How to Style

When it comes to styling, mind the occasion to determine your pieces. A smart casual event calls for a button-up shirt, chino pants/shorts, and an unstructured sport coat. For a casual setting, you can replace the button-up with a tee, and the sport coat with a light jacket.


Ultimately, when done correctly, as you add or remove layers, you should still look damn good. Stay epic, humans.

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