5 Festival Season Pieces We Can All Agree On

Regardless of whether you’re going to any festivals, certain pieces are great for this season.

Festival season is here! Coachella weekend one happens this weekend, and that means everyone is breaking out their favorite festival inspired fashion choices. Whether you’ll be in attendance or not, you probably have a good idea as to what a lot of people like to wear to music festivals. The vibes are typically either very 60’s bohemian or 00’s techno, although there is something in between for everyone.

A lot of people don’t really enjoy festival styling and think that’s it can be a bit silly or try-hard. We’re here today to showcase five pieces of festival fashion that go beyond the open fields and are acceptable, even encouraged, for normal wear.

Vintage Tees

Whether it’s an old band tee from a festival your Dad went to or just a wonderfully worn in basic, vintage tees are a summer staple that will keep you cool both physically and metaphorically. Bonus points if it’s one you bought brand new and have actually worn in yourself.

Bold Sunglasses

You’d better believe that keeping your eyes shaded is more than just a fashion statement at a festival. It’s extremely unhealthy for your eyesight to be exposed to the bright sun’s rays all day long. Grab yourself something stand out to make a statement with otherwise low key outfits.


This classic shoe is a perfect piece to wear during warm weather to keep your feet as cool as possible without exposing your bare toes and heels to the elements of the festival grounds. They come in basic as well as crazy designs.

Short Sleeve Button Ups

It was only a few years ago that the short sleeve button up was majorly frowned upon in the mens fashion world. Since the rise in popularity of festivals and summer fashion, they’ve become an absolute staple. You can wear them in stylish bold prints or in basic solid colors and look great.

Panama Hats

This wide brimmed style of beach hat works wonders at keeping your face and shoulders shielded from the suns harmful rays. Be careful to not let yourself get too far into “Dad-zone” with these by styling the rest of your look in a very contemporary way.

Stick with these pieces at a festival or even just in your every day life and you’ll be looking like a summer loving stud!

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