5 “Girly” Things Guys Should Be Doing

The ladies got it right with these.

Face it, gents, the ladies know what they’re doing when it comes to taking care of themselves. Whether it’s using products to maintain their youth, or relaxing with a nice day at the spa, they’ve got it figured out. Just because we’re “manly men” who get our hands dirty and drink non-light beer doesn’t mean we can’t adopt some of these practices to keep ourselves looking our best.

Let’s get it started. A modern gentleman should absolutely be partaking in…

Manicures and Pedicures

Don’t worry, you don’t have to call it a mani-pedi, but getting your hands and feet professionally cleaned and groomed is extremely important. Not only will it keep your skin feeling great, but it will eliminate a lot of the natural odors men create from wearing socks and shoes all day long. There are even salons popping up around catered specifically to men’s salon needs, so if you’re uncomfortable going to the same place as your girl, there’s an option. If you want to score some serious bonus points, though, you should be making a date out of it with your significant other.

Manage Your Eyebrows

We would hope that it’s common knowledge that you definitely shouldn’t be rocking a unibrow. Sure, Anthony Davis gets away with it, but he’s an All Star so we’ll give him a pass. Invest in some decent tweezers and be sure to take care of the individual hairs above your nose, in between your eyebrows. Also, if you have crazy stray hairs that stick out way further than the others, feel free to pluck those as well.

Spa Days 

Similarly to manicures and pedicures, giving yourself a spa day every so often is essential. Not only will it alleviate a lot of your extra stress, but it will keep you looking your best too. Save it for a day when you have a big date or something going on that evening and make a full day of it. Get a haircut, hit the spa, even get a facial so your skin is extra clean and smooth for looking your best. Spa days also work as a great option for a date itself if you’re comfortable enough with your girl to share a room with her during a massage.


This is a big one. It’s understandably intimidating when you look at most yoga classes and see only females in the class. “They’re more flexible and dainty, so yoga is better for them.” Bet you’ve either said or heard a guy say that. It’s true, yoga is an excellent workout for women but it’s an equally excellent practice for guys. It’s therapeutic, aerobic, and strength building if you attend the right class. Also, if you’re single, why wouldn’t you want to enable yourself to be in a room full of eligible partners? Just don’t be creepy.

Drink Whatever You Want

We get it, you’re a manly man who loves scotch and smoking cigars. Does that mean you want some scotch neat when you’re sitting by the pool? Hopefully not. Don’t be afraid to order a “girly” cocktail because if it’s girly then that means it’s probably delicious. Don’t be scared of a piña colada or a blended margarita. Enjoy yourself. If people talk shit it’s because they are deeply jealous of you anyways.

Check out the video below of Blake and George discussing these 5 tips:


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