5 Irish Whiskies to Drink on St. Patrick’s Day

Irish whiskey is too often overlooked and for some reason not taken as seriously as their Scottish brothers to the north.  Well, let me tell you something it’s St. Patrick’s Day and this year its time to skip the green beer (till later at least) and see what Ireland has to offer.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Check out our top picks.

JamesonOld faithful

What: Jameson Irish Whiskey

Price: $

How we’re drinking it: Shots, w/ ginger ale, or on the rocks

Why you’re drinking it: It’s a classic. Jameson is most likely familiar to you.  If you’ve never had it, this is where you start.

What to expect:  A smooth sweetness.  Good body with notes of apples and peaches, with hint of vanilla. At the end you finish with a taste of spice and honey.

bushmills black bushWorth a shot, or two

What: Bushmills Black Bush

Price: $

How we’re drinking it:  On the rocks or in a Manhattan

Why you’re drinking it: It’s St. Patrick’s Day.  So you might as well try something a little different from our Irish brothers.

What to expect: Rich and ripe, with some dark black fruit. Raisin, chocolate.  Sweet start then really fills out towards the end with a longer finish.  Nicely balanced for the  price.

TeelingSomething Fun

What: Teeling Small Batch Whiskey

Price: $$

How we’re drinking it: Neat or any cocktail you would normally use rum (daiquiris, zombies, monkey wrenches, etc…

Why you’re drinking it: This is one of the most interesting Irish whiskies you’ll try in a long time.  As smooth as you would expect from an Irish whiskey with a touch of sweetness.   Being finished in rum barrels give the whiskey another dimension you don’t normally find from the Irish.

What to expect:  Orange, vanilla, blackberries with hints of herbs and cinnamon.  Finishes strong and sweet with lots of caramel. Overall, a must try on St. Paddy’s Day.

redbreast-12The Champ

What: Redbreast 12 Cask Strength

Price: $$$

How we’re drinking it: With friends, Neat, in an Irish Flag, pretty much anyway we can get it

Why you’re drinking it:  If you want to do St. Paddy’s day right.  This is the first toast of the night.  Start with the good stuff. Taste it. Savor it. At 12 years old and almost 120 proof, this whiskey has some kick.

What to expect: The nose is nutty and rich.  Notes of citrus and hints of creamy with custard and spice. Well worth the money. Trust us, you buy your friends who know a thing or two about whiskey a dram of Redbreast 12 and it won’t go unnoticed.

MidletonTreat yourself

What: Midleton Dair Ghaelach – Grinsell’s Wood Tree 9

Price: $$$$

How we’re drinking it: Neat, only neat. Okay maybe add a drop or two of water.

Why you’re drinking it: Because you got it like that.  At around $200 a bottle this is definitely a real treat for anyone Irish or not on this holiday.

What to expect:  Notes of vanilla, banana and pineapple. Combined with spicy oak, apple and all spice.  Probably not worth it if you’re not very knowledgable on the subject or if your just trying to get as drunk as possible.  Your call though.




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