5 Lessons on How to Pull Off Sandals

There’s a way to make them work. Here’s how…

Remember the last time a girl said to you, “Hey, you have sexy feet” or how about that one time your fellow bro told you “dude, those sandals are sweet!”? Of course you don’t! But we know what you’re saying, “It’s hot. What do I wear to the beach? How can I wear sandals if I don’t want to be so casual?”. There is a way for us men to enjoy the feeling of wearing sandals and still look good.

  1. Get a pedicure

This is most important. Keep them clean, gentlemen. You’re feet will be on display and people will stare. Make sure to keep your feet well groomed just like any other part of your body. You’re feet have been in hibernation all winter so you don’t want them looking like hobbit feet seeing daylight for the first time. A pedicure will get your feet ready for spring and summer. There are man-salons popping up that will make it less embarrassing for you.

2. Avoid Thong Flip Flops

We enjoy the comfort of flip flops just like the next man but save that for home. Wearing flip flops only make your feet look bigger.

3. Find a pair that cover the majority of your feet

Men’s sandals with thick straps help make those anchors attached to your ankles look smaller because they cover the majority of your feet. They also help cover any “feet issues” we may be self conscious about. So you get to enjoy the feeling of wearing sandals all while keeping those paws in check.

4. Manscape

There’s just something gross about extremely hairy feet. It’s just as bad as seeing a guy with visible nose hairs. Part of grooming your feet includes trimming. You don’t want bald feet, but keep them in check.

5. Moisturize

Our feet usually don’t see a lot of daylight so make sure to avoid dry, cracked skin by applying moisturizer when they do come out to play. It’s best to apply lotion right after you shower, but if you have extra dry feet, try slathering on some cream (which is heavier than lotion) before bed and sleep with your socks on. The next morning, your feet will be soft and smooth.


Here are some of our favorite options…
Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock Arizona. Perfect for the afternoon BBQ.



Adidas Slide. Great for the beach or running quick errands.


Forever 21 Sandals

Forever 21 Sandals. A good option for a dressier look. Works with a button down and trousers or denim on denim.

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