5 Things You Need to Know About Pattern Mixing

When it comes to mixing patterns there is no right or wrong way to do it.  Rules were made to be broken etc… etc… It really all comes down to confidence and personal style. Here are a few things you should pay attention to when it comes to getting your feet wet in the pattern mixing game.

  • Work with like colors

    Working with like colors when mixing patterns still gives the look consistency amongst the contrast of the different patterns.  You don’t have to work with all the same colors but try to work one color through the majority of the look.

  • Vary your pattern sizes

    Varying the sizes of your patterns gives a contrast to the look.  You don’t want your tie and shirt to blend with one another and look like a muddy mess of shapes.

  • Vary pattern shapes

    Varying pattern shapes is in the same family as varying sizes, it’s all about contrast.  If your shirt is polka dot try a tie with squares or other sharp edges shapes and vice versa.

  • Always work with something solid

    If your whole outfit is made up of only pieces with patterns on them it can get a bit overwhelming.  Try and always keep one or more of the larger pieces, suit, shirt, blazer, pants etc.. a solid color.

  • Don’t over do it

    This should go without saying but you have a lot of options to work with when getting dressed. There is no need to try to work every color, pattern, and fabric into your outfit.  In the end less is more.


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