5 Tips for Finding the Right Swim Trunks

There are some rules to be followed if you want to look your best at the beach or the pool.

Fashionable swim trunks have become a major summer necessity for guys. Style, color and fit are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when picking which suit you want to rock. As always, having options is best, but if you’re only going to buy one this year, follow these rules to be sure you get the right pair.


PYSVballYou always want to try on a swim suit before you buy it. That way you’ll know that it fits how it supposed to. If you’re a guy who carries a bit of extra weight around his midsection (lots of chicks actually dig it), don’t buy swim trunks in a super tight fit around the waist. Get something with an elastic waistband so it doesn’t hug you too tightly and give you the dreaded muffin top. Similarly, if you’re a skinny guy, don’t buy something that’s going to leave extra room around the waist and risk potentially falling off. Embracing your body type is always better than pretending you’re shaped a way that you’re not.


GeorgeUnderPierThe trendy length of swim trunks is getting shorter and shorter, but that doesn’t mean you have to start tanning those man-thighs just yet. If you’re a taller guy, you want to get something a bit longer so that it doesn’t overly elongate your frame. If you’re a shorter guy, feel free to grab the shortest pair you can find because it’s going to elongate your shorter frame. Regardless of body type, you never want anything to go below the top of your knee cap, otherwise you’ll start looking like a rapper in the 90’s.


PYSSolidTrunksLots of brands are putting out awesome designs, and if you’re buying your third option, go wild with the print. Otherwise, stick to something a bit more muted or simple. A solid colored, darker option is great for transitioning from the beach to a casual dinner.


GeorgeVballA button front, non-elastic style is great for a more fashionable look, whereas an elastic waistband is more realistic for being active, such as playing beach volleyball. Take into consideration whether you’ll be sitting poolside at a cabana or tossing frisbee with friends along the coastline.

Liner vs. Non-Liner

PYSRingsUltimately, it comes down to preference, but having a liner is often a smart idea to avoid the (sometimes) nasty ocean and sand from the beach coming in direct contact with your private square. Non-lined shorts can be great for the pool as they are often less constricting and will sometimes be a bit more comfortable.

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