5 Tricks to Avoid Skipping Workouts

#MondayMotivation time! It’s almost summer, which means no more skipping workouts because of not having the time. Getting into shirtless shape requires every bit of effort. Here’s how to get it done.

  • PLan Ahead

If you know you have a busy day tomorrow, find a gap someplace and take advantage of it. Even if that means going for a run during lunch and eating at your desk afterwards, do it. Your body will thank you. Scheduling your workout is as important as scheduling anything else. Also, if you don’t have to dress up for work, wear some athleisure so it’s easy to jump right into it.

  • Be Ready at a Moments Notice

When someone cancels a meeting at the last minute, don’t sit around and check Facebook or worry about emails. Do some cardio or a calisthenics routine. Have a gym bag packed and ready with workout clothes and shoes so you don’t have any excuse to skip.

  • Make Things Friendly

One of the biggest distractions from fitness is socialization. Obviously, happy hour with friends is more appetizing than a grueling run alone after a long day at the office. By creating a network of people who all enjoy working out together, not only will you push yourself to get better but you’ll start to look forward to the social aspect of working out.

  • Make Things Count

Even if you’re accustomed to lifting weights for an hour, spending 15 minutes doing an interval session is better than nothing. Focus on higher intensity workouts on days when time is an issue. Keep a list of workout options in your phone for these days. Maybe even try out our jumprope routine

  • Ditch the Car

How much time do you spend going to and from work each day? If you live within a reasonable distance of work or your meeting place, try riding your bike or even running. It’s a great way to boost your energy level once your reach your destination and it’s productively using time that would’ve otherwise been spent getting angry at other drivers.

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