5 Ways to Break Into The Craft Beer World

It’s time to join the movement.

Are you a beer drinker who’s over the average mass market lager and curious about the growing craft beer lineup at your local pub? Would you like to try one of those craft beers, but don’t know if you’d like it and don’t want to waste your money? If you answered yes to either of these questions, keep reading. Here are 5 easy steps that can help you break into the craft beer world and discover your new favorite brew.

Talk to Your Bartender

BartenderThe bartender will be your best friend when deciding what beer to choose. Start simple. Talk about the flavors you are interested in, whether it be fruity, light and sweet, or a more bitter taste. Also, most bars will let you try a beer before you actually buy it—so go ahead and try something different!

Research Local Breweries

bigalicebrewersLocal breweries are the best way to learn more about the brewing process, which will ultimately give you a better understanding of the beer you drink. Local brewers are typically very community driven and happy to talk about the beer in which they pour their heart and soul into. Often times breweries will have the option of a tour which includes an up and close look at the barrels and ingredients used. Enjoying a brewery tour and a flight of house made beers will be a great mini course in learning about craft beer.

Visit Specialty Beer Stores

beer-closet-bottled-beer-lic-queensSometimes if you’re lucky you can find a pretty great selection of craft beers at your local grocery store or bodega, but for a broader selection—see if you can find a store specialized in selling beer. These are actually pretty common in most cities, and totally worth checking out!! It wasn’t until the discovery of craft beer stores that our palates started to really develop. Have fun picking a couple of six packs to take home and try. Did someone say bottle share party??

Drink with Friends

DrinkwithFriendsWhen it comes to craft beer, there are many unique flavors. Invite a group of friends to all bring their favorite bottle or six-pack to a party, and most likely there will be a super diverse mixture of beers. This is great for sharing and discovering new favorites! For a cool twist, give your bottle-share a theme like “favorite hometown beer”. Everyone’s palate is unique. Even when drinking the same beer, your friends will point out flavors and textures that you might not have noticed. So whether it be at someone’s home or your favorite pub, enjoying a new brew is better in a group.

Follow Beer-Related Websites

Several websites such as, goodbeerhunting.com, beeradvocate.com, and travelbybeer.com are great resources to stay up to date on craft beer. Goodbeerhunting actually has a great podcast that is perfect for your morning or afternoon commute. Beer Advocate will give you more of a rating system of specific beers. They will also give a description of the beer, how it was brewed, where it was brewed, and what flavors you should taste. Travel by Beer is a website that is a little less intimidating. They focus on the educational side of beer, as well as the social aspect of beer. Check these guys out and stay up to date on everything beer!

Definitely drop us a line in the comments of your favorite craft brews for us to try!

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