5 Ways to Look Better in Photos

It doesn’t matter you’re a model, a celebrity, or sit in a cubicle all day.  Everyone takes photos.  Some more often than others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t always take a good one.  Here are some things we’ve discovered over the years to help you never take a bad photo.

1. Make sure your clothes fit.

As much as it matters what you’re wearing, almost equally important is how you are wearing it.  When taking a photo everything gets exaggerated. If your shirt is a little baggy it will look extra baggy, if your pants are too long they will look extra long and make you look shorter than you are.  Basically, the better your clothes fit the more you can concentrate on keeping everything else on point.

how to take a good photo2.  Find what works for you.

Look at photos of you from the past.  Take a look at Facebook, Instagram, old yearbooks, etc…  There are bound to be some shots in there you like.  Now this is important, only focus on the ones you like.  Everyone takes bad photos.  Once you’ve found some you like you need to figure out why your like them. Were you smiling or not smiling? Looking right or left? Up or down? Were you sitting or standing in a certain way?  Whatever it is that you like  about them are alway the first poses you should try out the next time you take photos.  Soon you will figure out what works for you and be on your way to never taking a bad photo again.

gents lounge how to take a good photo3.  Posture

This one is pretty self explanatory. Make sure you stand/sit up straight.  In photos it is important to look as long and lean as possible. We’ve all heard the expression the camera adds 10 lbs. Well, if you slouch it adds 20.  Stand up straight and try not to keep your arms pinned to your side.  If you can create some separation from your body and your arms it will also help make you look longer.

gents lounge4. Pay attention to the details

By details we mean grooming.  Make sure you don’t have any stray hairs, bags under your eyes, and most of all pimples.  We all have that one yearbook photo when puberty really kind of screwed us over and our face wasn’t exactly the clearest on picture day.  We like to use this CAMO concealer from Menaji (Promo Code: GENTS20 will get you 20% off).  We shoot video content almost every day and some days our skin looks better than others.  If you had a rough night the night before and have to look good in photos the next day we highly recommend it.

Gent's Lounge Lifestyle5. Take as many photos as you can

Everything is digital these days, you can always delete the bad ones.  Taking a lot of photos almost ensures that there will be one in there that will work for you.  We understand sometimes this isn’t always possible i.e. at weddings, yearbook photos, snapchat selfies, etc… But if you follow the rest of these guidelines you should do just fine next time the camera comes out.

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