6 Reasons You Need to Plan a Camping Trip

#MotivationMonday! We hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day.

When’s the last time you went outdoors for the sake of exploring nature? Your pre-brunch “hike” doesn’t count, by the way. We’re talking about camping. Setting a whole day or weekend aside to escape the city. Pitching a tent, lighting a fire…not showering for a day, or two. If fresh air alone isn’t a good enough reason to go outside, we’ve got a few more reasons that will hopefully get you off of your ass and into the wild.

Get to Know Thyself

6-reasons-to-go-oudoords-4Without all of the distractions of technology and the city, you’re out of the task-to-task tunnel vision of every day. You find yourself meditating about your faults, your strengths, your goals, your failures or your achievements. Being in nature forces you to get lost in your thoughts. Let’s not forget about the psychical aspect. You also realize your physical limits, but learn to work through them. Buns. of. steel…just saying.

Love the Earth

Our cities weren’t always here, people. We got rid of a lot of nature to pave way for them. It takes one trip (for us it was Bishop) to realize how awe-inspiring and beautiful the outdoors can be. Hopefully, it’s enough to make you more mindful about that bottle you almost didn’t recycle.

Strengthen Those Relationship skills

6-reasons-to-go-oudoords-feature-maybeYou’ll find that people who go outdoors are some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet. They’re always willing to share everything from stories and tips to beer and food. They might be people that you never see again, but the experience and memories are as genuine as they come. As for the friends you go with… BFFs for life.

Quench Your Thirst for Adventure

Nothing will get your adrenaline going like venturing into the unknown. When you’re outdoors, you’re exposed to the elements–you test yourself the way nature tested man long ago. You might start with simple car camping, but it quickly becomes an addiction. Before you know it, you’re pushing yourself to more strenuous hikes looking for the hidden gems of the world (Us Apes are on a mission to see as many national parks as possible, for example!).


Unless you’re glamping, you realize how little you really need to get by: food, water, shelter, friends, and fire. The more you go outdoors, the better you get at acquiring necessary skills and living by basic means. Can you say, Apocalypse training?!

Fire & S’mores

Can you blame us for including these? Fire is fun to play with (responsibly), and s’mores are delicious if you’re 5 or 50.


Instead of going on Instagram and commenting “#goals” on an epic picture of a mountain, go to the damn mountain. Get off your ass and go into the wild. You’ll be better for it.

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