8 Summer Essentials Every Guy Needs

Don’t be left out. Stock up on the basics.

Summertime is here! Prepare yourself before hitting the beaches and parties this season by making sure you have the essentials in your wardrobe or packed away in your weekender!


1- SperrysHaving a go to shoe for the summer is a must. You’ll want one you can easily slip on and off whether you’re headed inside the party or to hit the beach. Sperry’s are a great choice as they’re not only very stylish but practical for rocking with no socks to throw around all summer.


2-ShortsShorts can be very uncooperative if they’re made longer than the knee, creating a baggy and sloppy look. You’ll want to find shorts that stay above the knee preferably and fit your waist right, don’t settle for oversized ones saying a belt will fix them, get a pair that fit well. Then you can of course add a belt, not for functionality but for style.

Swim Trunks

3- Swim TrunksA no brainer needed to hit the waves this summer, finding the right pair of trunks can be difficult as they have the same problem with shorts as mentioned above. You’ll want to find a pair that fit the waist and are preferably above the knee to get away from the oversized board short vibe. You will want to grab a pair that not only look good on their own but can be mixed with a shirt or sweater therefore doubling as a pair of shorts.

Classic Polo

4-PoloTo keep yourself feeling and looking cool this summer, a polo is a must. They can be dressed up with a pair of chinos to attend a waterfront dinner, dressed down with a pair of swim trunks to hit the water or slid underneath a jacket for a summer formal look perfect for cocktail mixers.

Fun Shirt

5- Fun ShirtSummer fun time isn’t complete without one of these bad boys, a flashy take on the traditional oxford. These classics are perfect for your more rowdy events this summer or to make a statement at the next poolside barbecue.

Lightweight Sweater

6-sweaterSummer nights can be cold, especially when the beach party’s still raging and you’re still in a polo shirt. Bring a lighter, quality crew neck, v-neck or half zip sweater along. Whether you tie it around your neck or pack it in a bag during the day, it’s is a must have to keep you warm this summer. For a distinct look rock it without a shirt underneath to stay cozy and to ditch the bulk of an undershirt.

Windbreaker/Light Jacket

7-JacketWhen a sweater might not cut it, a jacket is your next step. Whether you’re shielding yourself from the harsh wind on the seas or staying warm by the bonfire they’re a great idea. Don’t fret over ruining your daytime look as they often make great additions to a shirt and shorts. And if you’re feeling bold pick up a souvenir jacket for the hottest look of the season!


hatKeeping the sun off of your face is a smart move in many ways, why not do it in style? Having a cap thats never far from reach this summer not only provides protection but also works when added to a shirt and pant combo. Its also great to hide your hair after passing out on the beach.

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