A Dapper Guy’s Gift Guide

A quick list of ideas for all of you procrastinators out there.

Shopping for a guy (or it may even be yourself) can be difficult, especially for one who seems to have it all. We can offer you some great options for everyone you are shopping for this holiday season whether it be for you or to check someone off your list. We’re gonna show you some classic menswear brands as well as some new and upcoming brands to suit every dapper guy.

The Manbag

Every guy on the go needs a bag to stow away all his things. We like this one because it gives any outfit a classic and vintage twist while still being functional. Never worry about digging around in your bag to find what you need as this one offers plenty of pocket and divider space while still being roomy.

Throwing Shades

Every guy needs a good pair of shades (even in the winter months). He’ll be as cool as the snowfall with a frame that is sure to fit seamlessly into his daily arsenal. Maybe he’s a more sporty guy that prefers a thicker frame, that’ll keep him festival ready through the summer. Maybe he wants a more vintage style, to make every outfit a throwback even if it isn’t Thursday. Or perhaps he would like a classic pair that are always in style with the tortoise and gold accents.

Don’t Sweat it

If he’s a sweater-type guy (which who isn’t really?), he’ll be stoked to find these two underneath the tree. Choosing more unique fabrics, textures and patterns will help to find something unique that he doesn’t yet have. Loud prints and textures work well to make a statement underneath his overcoat without being too overbearing.

You smell that?

What guy doesn’t like fragrance? Surprise him or yourself (as long as you promise to wrap it) with a new scent this year that he’ll be able to use for the next 365. If he’s more of a sultry, warm scented guy try out Amber Saffron from niche brand Clean Reserve. If he’s more of a spicy, business guy try out Sauvage from Dior. And if he prefers a clean, woodsy scent try out Blue Cedar from V76.

Smooth Operator

Keep clean all year long with these two options from the brand Foreo. The Luna 2 works as a cleansing device that is silicone-based so it doesn’t harbor any bacteria and one battery charge lasts 7 months so you can charge it overnight and forget it until at least July. The Issa toothbrush is something he surely doesn’t have in his arsenal and with brush heads you replace only once a year, it’s high maintenance with low maintenance.

Forget A-Boot It

Stomp through the snow confidently this winter with these two options from Timberland and newly launched brand, Shoeology NYC. The Tim’s are a limited edition run as part of the Naughty or Nice collection, so if he deserves coal in his stocking this year, you can very nicely remind him with this naughty pair. The Shoeology pair give a little pep in his step with a signature brown leather and a tough sole to keep from any slips.
Hat Trick

Lastly we bring you these smart hats from brand Tom Smarte. The website offers hat and sizing guides based on his face shape so you’re sure to keep the proportions right. Style shown here is the fedora which is a classic twist with a modern edge to keep him from looking like Justin Timberlake circa *NSYNC days. Ramen noodles belong in a bowl, not on your head, JT.


header image via thefashionisto.com

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