A Quick Style Upgrade for Any Outfit

For those unexpectedly stylish occasions.

Every so often, we all find ourselves in a position of needing to up our style unexpectedly. Maybe you intended on just running an errand but you run into some friends going out. Maybe you didn’t realize a certain invitation is a bit more formal than you expected. When this happens and you happen to find yourself in jeans and a simple tee, don’t fret. Just tuck it in. It sounds simple, but the tucked in t-shirt is back in style and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you want to make the move on purpose, that’s great too. Be aware that something a bit more tight will channel Springsteen, while something looser fitting will channel the oversized vibes of the 90’s that are so hot right now. Both are great, but it’s always smart to understand what vibes you’ll be giving off.

A great way to style the look intentionally is to buy a tee one size larger than you typically buy it to be fitted, roll the sleeves once or twice, and tuck in the shirt allowing a bit of billowing at the waist. The shirt will look a bit more blouse-y, so be sure the pants aren’t too skinny or it will throw off your proportions. Go with a straight leg or slightly tapered pant.

A more classic approach to the style is with a slimmer approach. This works great for athletic body types and slimmer frames alike.It’s an homage to a classic look, so embracing the style and including a newsboy cap and worn in boots or dress shoes is a great touch. This will probably be the more common approach for those times when you didn’t expect to look nicer than you do. It’s an easy move and it will take your style to the next level!

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