Are You Man Enough for This Summer Shoe?

Widely debated, not everyone can pull them off. Are you willing to try?

The sandal, or mandal if you will, has really risen in popularity in the past year. Last year, they were seen on the runways and on the feet of the trendiest of the trendy. Now, they’re more widely available with brands like Zara, H&M, Steve Madden, and more creating men’s sandals.

As always, with pieces that are a bit outside of the norm, it takes a certain amount of confidence to pull sandals off. It all starts with the styling. If you dress like a Dad from the 80’s, then sandals will only accentuate that look. However, if you dress in a modern way, you’ll be making a bold statement that’s cool and interesting! Here are a few ideas on what to try if you’re attending…

A Casual Daytime Event

A lightweight blazer, some rolled chino shorts, and a nautical top is a great look for headed out to an afternoon event. Rather than going with your typical boat shoe or espadrille, try out a leather sandal. Also try them if you’re attending…

An early evening summer date

A bit of color is always great for the summertime. Embrace the classic hippie-chic of the Birkenstock sandal and you’ll be even more comfortable while enjoying mimosas on a nice patio. Or you can wear some for…

Running errands

A denim shirt should be one of your best friends all summer long. They’re extremely versatile. Tuck yours into some linen pants that are cuffed at the ankle and add some leather sandals for a great time out with friends or picking up your groceries for the week. You can also wear them to…

A Stylish Event

A casual suit actually works very well with sandals. It’s going to be out of the norm, but when you get invited to that art gallery opening or fashion event and you’re not quite sure what to wear, this is an excellent option.











Check out some of our favorite sandals out there right now:

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