AT&T and TOMS Celebrate 10 Years Together

The tech giant has been a major supporter of TOMS since their inception, 10 years ago.

Few brands have given back and stayed true to their original message more than TOMS. The shoe company made famous by their “one for one” business model has continued to stay relevant thanks to a great product backed by an even greater message of giving. Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS and chief shoe giver is well aware of how impactful his relationship with AT&T has been throughout his first 10 years of business. Whether it’s keeping him in touch with his employees or allowing him to share his experiences helping people all over the world, AT&T and TOMS have created a bond that is truly exemplary.

AT&T and TOMS are celebrating 10 successful years of business for TOMS shoes by offering a VR (Virtual Reality) experience titled “A Walk in Their Shoes”. The video presents a mission to Columbia where viewers will be able to experience a 360° vantage point of what it’s like to participate in a TOMS Giving Trip. Through the VR experience, viewers are able to get a better-than-ever idea of what conditions are like in these countries in need and just how helpful TOMS donations are. This video is only one of several immersive experiences AT&T will be providing this summer, kicking things off with an event this passed weekend at the Santa Monica Pier.


For those currently unable to currently experience VR, TOMS will be including a cardboard viewer in 100k of their shoe boxes sold online. Also, AT&T made the 360° video available here.

Having seen the video, we can attest to the impact that the VR experience provides. It’s one thing to see photos or even a short clip on TV of what TOMS is doing on a daily basis, but to experience it in 360° causes an even bigger influence. Getting a chance to see and touch the shoes being given away to children all over the world creates a sense of pride in the mission TOMS has developed.


As lovers of TOMS shoes from a fashion perspective, knowing we’re also helping out kids in need is a pretty amazing feeling. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily stresses of our modern lives. Connecting with what’s happening in other, less fortunate parts of the world gives us a sense of perspective and a feeling of joy for what we’re lucky enough to have.

Learn more about AT&T and TOMS collaboration here and watch the 360° video here.

Check out some other photos from the Santa Monica Pier launch event:

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