Bar Roulette App Will Get You an Uber to a Random Bar

Sick of seeing the same bearded faces?

Bar Roulette, a new free app will call you an Uber and provide a random bar destination someplace in your city. The app uses ratings from Yelp to choose a destination. Before selecting you’ll be told how far away you’re going and an expected cost of your ride. There’s also an add on available for $2.99 to allow yourself to set a bar pricing cap to avoid $20 old fashions. The add on also creates a bar history allowing you to note your experience of different bars and remove them from the list if you’re not a fan. You won’t find out where you’re going until you get there.

Aimed at getting people away from their normal go-to’s, Bar Roulette is a great way to experience new areas of your city. Also great for travelers, removing the always annoying task of selecting a destination for dinner or drinks. Try it on a first date to immediately see how flexible your date’s preferences are.

The app is free to download for iOS here.

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