Coats: Bolder the Better This Winter

It’s never too soon to plan ahead.

That’s right, before you know it, winter will be here and you’ll be freezing your ass off (or acting like you are if you live in LA). One of the best parts about cold weather are the coats. Whether you’re styling it with jeans and a t-shirt or in the traditional way over your suit, the bolder you’re willing to go, the more stylish you’ll be this year.

Designers like Gucci, YSL, and AMI have all included some pretty outrageous designs in their overcoats this year, which means that it’ll be hitting the streets as soon as the temperature drops below 50.

The beauty of pieces like this is that they let you individualize yourself while still looking well put together and tailored. It’s not always easy to find bold pieces that make a statement and also fit like a glove.

When styling a piece like this, it’s best to let the coat do the talking. Combine it with a plain tee, some selvedge denim, and beat up Doc Marten’sfor a nice throwback vibe. Otherwise, style it right on top of your solid charcoal suit with some brown wingtips for a excellent mixture of bold and classic.

Don’t feel like you have to buy a super high end designer coat, either. If you can afford it, then go for it, but because of their popularity in the high fashion world, fast fashion brands are very likely to jump on board this trend.

Check out some of our current favorites below:

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