Cold Weather Footwear with UGG

I had the opportunity to test some UGG boots this weekend. I must say, they stood up to the test.

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I have always been a fan of UGG slippers for around the house.  I think I bought my first pair of moccasins about 5 years ago and my feet have been fans ever since.  I know it doesn’t get extremely cold in SoCal but if you live in a house that is almost all tile like I do, you know the feeling when you step out of bed first thing in the morning is not pleasant.  With winter being right around the corner I needed another pair of slippers and decided to check out a pair of boots as well.  Luckily, Zappos offers fast free shipping and a 365-day return policy!  

For boots, I went with the UGG Hafstein boot.  With a fully waterproof leather upper, I knew this boot could handle any elements I may encounter.  I really liked the color of the “Port” Upper. The deep burgundy color really popped with the contrasting white sole.

While hiking through the woods I noticed a few things.  One, these boots are super warm and two, they have no problem going the distance.  I must have walked 2 miles over some pretty tough terrain and had no discomfort at all.

Once, I got home I decided to kick off the boots and slide on my new slippers.  If you didn’t already know, I split my time between LA and Sacramento where my fiance lives so I decided to get a pair for each house because my suitcase usually only fits one extra pair of shoes.

The first pair I went with were more of a traditional house slipper.  The UGG Scuff Novelty is perfect for lounging around the house. Easy to slip on and off, the Scuff Novelty will have you walking around the house in warmth and comfort.

In the winter staying warm is the name of the game.  Morning coffee, a pup on your lap, and some comfy slippers is a good start!

The second pair of slippers I went with were the UGG Scuff Romeo II. Now, these are still slippers, but with the rubber outsole you may be able to get away with these on a quick run to the store or at least to the end of the driveway to get the mail.

The soft suede leather gives a classic appearance and the genuine sheepskin sockliner naturally wicks away moisture to maintain dry, warm feet.

If you want to check out more from UGG and Zappos CLICK HERE to check out these styles any many more!



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