Everything You Need to Know About Summer’s Most Popular Piece

Your dad always told you they’d come back….

As we reach the final days of a sun and tequila soaked summer we find ourselves wearing something we always told our dads to change out of when our new girlfriend came over. The Hawaiian shirt, usually only found by a barbecue or a Tommy Bahama ad has taken the crown in summer fashion this year.

2- Miami ViceSeeing as we’ve gone from begging our dad to give his away to begging him to let us have his, it’s understandable we might be slightly confused on how to rock one properly. With it usually being reserved for drunk frat guys who can’t tell a Sperry from a urinal, they’ve never been at the height of the fashion world. However, if you find the right pattern and fit, you can go from inflatable pool booze naps to beach parties in Ibiza.


3- Shirt TuckedThe most important thing to understand before ending summer in style is the pattern of your shirt. Have an idea of your pre-existing wardrobe and what will pair well with the shirt. The loud patterns can be intimidating but focus on the colors rather than the pattern of the shirt. Think about what would match with the pants and shorts you already own, and use them to tone down the boldness of the pattern. Don’t feel like you have to wear khakis with them. A dark colored pair of denim or chinos can make the shirt look a bit more current than classic. Come up with an outfit in your head to wear the shirt with before buying so you wont find yourself digging through your closet to find something that works and having to return the shirt.


3- Shirts & FlopsAlways the most important thing to keep in mind when buying fresh threads is the fit. Where the current trend of fitted and tapered clothes are correct for most clothes this season, the Hawaiian is another story. The Hawaiian shirt is meant to be a tad larger than most clothes to pursue comfort and keep you cool during those long beach parties in the hot sun. The shirt should sit just below your waist like many other shirts. The sleeves can either be slightly larger and baggy than most short sleeved shirts or tighter and rolled for a refined look. Finally the shirt should be slightly boxy around the torso and buttoned loosely. Remember, the shirts all about having fun and keeping you as cool as possible, so it’s meant to fit slightly differently.

How to Rock It

5- Suit & ShirtThe Hawaiian shirts patterns have become high fashion this season. Beach sunsets and palm tree patterns reign supreme, as well as understated fronts and busy back patterns for the shirts. The safest way to rock one of these brash beauties is to leave them to do all the talking. Wear them buttoned up loosely leaving a couple of buttons undone depending on the weather to show some chest. If you’re going for the full on beach aesthetic, calm them down with some understated light colored pants or shorts and a crisp pair of Sperry’s. If you’re looking for more of a city vibe, dark jeans and a dark shoe work great to let the shirt stand out. Feel free to throw a hat in the mix with your go to sunglasses to complete the look for a long day in the sun or on the water, packing away a basic sweater or jacket for the evening if need be. If you’re feeling ballsy, rock one with your best summer suit. Be it a tan, navy or grey suit you’ll be sure to dominate casual Friday and stir up the country club cocktail hour. Leave the suit open with your Hawaiian tucked into your trousers, pair it with a nice light leather or braided belt and finish the look off with your best loafers or brogues to show that you’re a fine mix of business and party.

Regardless of your plans, the Hawaiian shirt is a fun way to express yourself this summer. We highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon. Here are some of our favorite options:

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