Fashion Week Taught Us We Should All Be Shopping For This

The runway doesn’t lie.

This year’s NYFWM presented a wide array of different styles. Among the many new style moves were some through-lines that we can undoubtedly expect to see in the near future of menswear. One of the biggest go-to’s this year was the usage of bold suiting.

It’s no secret that the world of suiting has taken some major steps forward in the last few years. It’s now more common than it’s been in decades to see guys wearing suits as an option for going out rather than just at the office. Bold suiting is a perfect companion to this type of guy.

Where to Start


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First of all, you’ll want to decide how bold you’re willing to go. An all white linen suit or plaid three-piece, cropped pant suit (pictured left) doesn’t necessarily need to be your starting point. Perhaps you’re a fan of color but you don’t want to delve into patterns. That’s fine. We recommend something in a shade of green, red or purple. Darker is always more versatile in suiting, so don’t feel the need to strive for brightness.


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How to Style


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The fun part about bold is that you can let your suit do the talking. There’s no need to pile on a bunch of accessories or go bold with your shirt and tie. A simple solid colored shirt and complimentary tie create a nice base for the suit to speak for itself.

Also, don’t fear the shorts suit. It’s definitely not for everyone but if you’re willing to try, it can be a great alternative during these blistering hot summer months. Style it with the top couple of buttons on your shirt undone and some comfortable low top sneakers or boat shoes and you’re out the door.


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Final Tips

Don’t break the bank on a bold suit. Also don’t make it your first suit purchase. It should realistically be the third or fourth suit you buy after you have a nice blue, black and grey option. Also, you don’t want to drop a bunch of money on it because you won’t be able to wear it on an extremely regular basis. It’s not something you want to be recognized in, like “oh, there’s that guy with the creme and orange pinstripe suit again.”

Be aware of where you’re wearing it, too. Obviously it’s not appropriate for a job interview, funeral or a wedding; essentially any place that stealing attention is a bad thing. But a night out with buddies, date night or other informal setting that’s suit appropriate is perfect. Make sure you understand that unless you’re at Pitti, you’ll likely be the center of attention so embrace it and have a blast in your bold suit!

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