Gent’s Lounge x MYCLO: Collection One || Lookbook

In 2014, MyClo Company launched with the vision to build a timeless brand that empowers entrepreneurs to reach their goals.  The same year, we started what would later become Gent’s Lounge.  Now we’ve come together to bring you our first collaboration ever!

With this collaboration, we wanted to add our personal touch wherever we could.  We decided to go with a mixed fabric approach of premium vegan wool for the upper and extra soft ultra suede for the bill.  The hats come in 4 colors; Moss, Royal, Brick, and Charcoal. Whether you’re a subtle guy or like to go bold, there is a color for you.

We are proud to announce that for every hat sold, $10 is put into the hands of small business in need. Follow the stories by using the hashtag #FundTheHustle & #WhatsYourHustle

The Collection is available now at MYCLO
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