GL Creator Series: Zach Cohen of Cohen & Sons

From creating tee’s in college to re-launching a historical family clothing business.

In the 1940’s, the original designs for Cohen & Sons were written on the back of a napkin. The brand grew into a mainstay in the motorcycle culture, only to be forced to shut down in the 90’s due to manufacturing costs skyrocketing being outsourced overseas. Zach Cohen, the grandson of the Cohens who originally started the brand, grew up hearing stories of his father and uncles playing around in garment factories in New York City.

While screen printing and selling t-shirts in college, Zach realized that the garment industry was in his blood. The re-birth of Cohen & Sons had begun…if only mentally. After spending some time in the corporate world working for an advertising agency, Zach realized he was interested in leaving the Rat Race and delving into his own entrepreneurial endeavor. Just when he was getting inspired to leave his job and start this new business, he was in a bad motorcycle accident, breaking his arm and totaling his bike.

Whereas most people would take an experience like this and view it as the universe telling them that change is painful and should be avoided, Zach used the insurance money from the accident and launched a Kickstarter campaign. “It was one of the toughest 30 day periods of my life,” Zach said, discussing his experience in the crowdfunding space. The campaign would go on to be covered in Maxim as well as in many overseas media markets. Their goal was reached in a matter of days and Zach realized he had made the right choice in leaving his job.

His advice to future crowdfunding hopefuls is to ensure that you have a huge stockpile of fresh content to share on a daily basis during the campaign. Constantly be reaching out to press outlets and get yourself seen. As an overcrowded space and you need to be focused on showcasing your brand for what it is at it’s core.

That was three years ago and Cohen & Sons hasn’t taken their hand off of the throttle since. Now having expanded into over 25 stores, they’re one of the main players spreading their love for motorcycle culture across America and the world.

What makes Zach so great is his true passion for the entrepreneurial spirit. He’s lived the life of sharing a small apartment with his business partner, eating PB&J’s, and sacrificing all exterior distractions. He understands that it’s paramount to stay in your lane as a brand and not get distracted by trends. “It will be hard, but it you see growth, stick with it,” says Zach.

Cohen & Sons pride themselves on creating elevated basics for fashion starters and experts alike. Their tailored designs embrace both the sartorial and classic Americana scenes, delivering a product that’s comfortable as well as stylish.

Check out Cohen & Sons website to shop their clothes and learn more about their history as a brand.


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