Happier Hour with Perry Ellis + Giveaway

This month I had the pleasure of partnering with Perry Ellis for one of my favorite times of the day, happy hour.  Now normally this would entail checking out a new bar or heading to the brewery connected to my office building, but today was a little different. Today, we will do happy hour differently.

Instead of drinking, I decided to explore the city I’ve called home for the last 5 years.  So I thought to myself, “Where have I never been and what would my friends enjoy if I was to send an invite out?”  I came up with three things that would be perfect for our “happier hour”.  First, we would get dessert because happy hour is meant for hanging out with your friends and consuming empty calories right? Right. I decided to head to this new donut shop down the street from our offices.

This spot is perfect for any outfit but I decided to keep the suit after work and ditch the tie.

This light blue slim-fit linen suit is perfect for LA summers. Classy enough for the office but casual enough to ditch the tie and have a maple bacon donut.

After the donuts, it was time to do something that is very much a LA cliché and pretty much a right of passage to say you’ve either moved to or are visiting this city.  I decided to check out the Urban Light exhibit at LACMA.  Yes, I have lived here for 10 years and have never been to the most popular place to end a romantic comedy in Los Angeles.  Well, I am here now!

For the next two spots, I decided to kick it casual.  I have been loving these 70s style polos this spring.  There is just something about a knit polo that is just a little classier than your average.  Paired with some cropped trouser and white sneakers this look says I came from the office but I’m ready to have a good time.  So let’s have some fun!

Last but not least, I thought a happy hour activity was in order.  Something you could do semi-dressed up after work.  Something like bowling or an arcade seemed like good options but I decided to head to the driving range. Nothing relieves stress like hitting a golf ball a few hundred times and that is exactly what happy hour is for, relieving stress. Right?

I was already wearing a polo so obviously, I was ready to ball.  These herringbone pants had the perfect amount of stretch to them to smack the golf ball around.

What would you do for your happier hour?  Thanks to Perry Ellis for challenging me to step outside the box and sponsoring this contest.  If you want to win $1000 worth of gear from Perry Ellis you can enter their Get Happy Giveaway Here!  All you need to do is fill out the contest form and follow @PerryEllis on Instagram.  Good luck gents!


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