Happy Hour: The Hemingway Daiquiri

Welcome to our happy hour guide!  Each Thursday we’ll be bringing you a great cocktail option to try while you’re out enjoying happy hour. There are tons cocktail recipes on the internet, some more elaborate than others.  Instead of spending your money on a foreign liqueur you can’t pronounce and trying to make something at home, we say let your bartender do the work while you’re out for drinks after work. Anything to avoid another Jack & Coke, right?

Source: www.creative-culinary.com

Source: www.creative-culinary.com

Today we’re going with a classic, The Hemingway DaiquiriWhen we say Daiquiri most people think of a fruity cocktail with an umbrella but this is not that kind of drink. Hemingway enjoyed his Daiquiris strong and not too sweet.

Have several of these and you’ll be ready to write a novel of your own.

How-to Make It:

2oz White Rum
3/4oz Fresh Lime Juice
1/2oz Maraschino Liqueur (Luxardo)
1/2oz Grapefruit Juice
Shake with ice and Strain into cocktail glass or coupe.
If it’s a really warm day pour over crushed ice and make it a double. Finally, garnish with an orange twist.

Cheers to the weekend, gents!

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