Happy Hour: The Rusty Nail

Are you man enough to order this cocktail tonight at the bar?

Oftentimes, a drink order can be one of the more difficult decisions on a Friday night. Your brain is dead from the week of work but you also don’t want to simply order a vodka soda…so what do you do? Let us help you with recommendations each week.

This week’s concoction ought to add an extra layer of hair to your chest, as it’s essentially scotch on scotch. As always, we recommend trying one at the bar to see if the flavor is something you enjoy enough to stock up on at your home bar.

What you’ll need:

1.5 oz Single Malt Scotch

.75 oz Drambuie (a scotch based liqueur)

Stir ingredients in a glass for 20 seconds or so

Strain into an old fashioned glass, over ice

That’s it! It’s two ingredients. It’s a perfect after dinner cocktail or if you’re just going to be hanging at the bar with friends.

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