#HappyHour: What to Drink This Weekend

We’re kickin it old school.

You did it! Another week in the books. Now it’s time to celebrate and enjoy yourself with a drink or two (or three). If you’re in the mood to start drinking cocktails that are a bit more aligned with fall, then you’re in luck, because today’s Happy Hour recommendation is the Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned. A fresh take on an old classic cocktail is always welcome, especially when it involves maple syrup.

When you get to the bar, explain to the bartender that you read an article today that got you excited about a certain cocktail. By providing a bit of preface, you won’t come off as an asshole by ordering this cocktail. If you walk right up to the bar and just spout out the order, odds are the bartender will not be a big fan of you and will say no. Whereas when you explain yourself, it builds camaraderie and also builds your cred with the bartender, who will hopefully then take the time to create a drink that you can really enjoy as opposed to tossing something together haphazardly.

This cocktail will pair nicely with a steak or any piece of meat. Be sure to order a bourbon or rye with a higher proof, around 100 is ideal, so the drink doesn’t become too sweet.

If you’re creating this at home, here’s what you’ll need:

2 oz Bourbon or Rye

2 tsp 100% Maple Syrup (gotta use the real stuff)

1 tsp cold water (this dilutes the thickness of the syrup)

1-2 dashes Angostura Bitters

1 Orange Twist

1 Maraschino Cherry

Mix the bitters, syrup and water in a cocktail stirring glass with ice and stir 30-35 times or until the syrup has lost most of it’s elasticity. Strain the contents into an old fashioned glass over an ice sphere, add bourbon or rye, and stir again 10-15 times with the ice sphere. Garnish with the orange twist and cherry.


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