How to Dress for Any Labor Day Party

Here’s what to rock, no matter the setting.

Labor Day is obviously a big day in the world of fashion as it’s supposed to be the final day that you’re allowed to wear white pants. We don’t necessarily advise subscribing to the rules, but it’s still a great chance to bust out those white jeans or linen pants and strut your stuff. In addition to the pants, white sneakers are a summer staple that work wonderfully on a holiday like Labor Day. Regardless of whether you plan on dressing like you’re at a Puff Daddy party in the early 2000’s, here are our suggestions on how to dress your best at any type of Labor Day soirée.

Backyard BBQ

You always want to be aware of the weather forecast when dressing for an outdoor event, but odds are you’ll be in a warmer climate if you’re outside at a BBQ. Keep things simple with some dark blue chino shorts, a similarly dark tee or polo and some Adidas Stan Smiths. After all, even the best of us get sauce on our shirt so wear something dark that will conceal those baby back rib stains.

Oceanside/Lakeside Party

It’ll probably be hot at midday, but being near the water offers a breeze that may not be so easy to come by further inland. Therefore you can dress a bit warmer while still maintaining that Labor Day comfort. There’s no better place to break out the white linen pants, dark linen button up and some white Chuck Taylor II’s.

You’re on a Boat!

If you’re one of the lucky ones who owns or knows someone who owns a boat, do us all a favor and take full advantage this weekend. You’ll want to be sure to pack an extra layer for when it gets cold at night, but overall you’re set for a day of fun in the sun. Bust out a comfortable pair of swim trunks, a lightweight tee, bring along a lightweight sweater and round the look out with some white Vans for a bit of edge.

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