How to Dress This Memorial Day Weekend

Beers, BBQ’s and the great outdoors make for one hell of a long weekend! American Made Supply Co. has your fashion choices covered.

Memorial Day is already here! We can’t believe it either. The sun-soaked holiday weekend where pools officially open and barbecue pits are wiped clean of their winter dust. The best move in a time like this is to keep things simple. Here are some options of what to wear for any type of weekend you have planned…

Party at Your Parent’s House

There’s no shame in spending quality time with family this holiday weekend. It’s a great time to chat with your Dad about the NBA Playoff craziness or to try and convince your Mom that Trump isn’t the answer over a glass of chardonnay. Regardless, a simple henley tee is a great option. The buttons add a touch of class while still maintaining a certain level of casual comfort. henley teeYou’ll probably be eating a lot, so having something that’s comfortable, looks good and won’t break your heart if you spill BBQ sauce on it is key.



lakeside/oceanside BBQ

If you don’t live near family, quality time with friends is definitely the way to go. Beers, sunshine and swimming make for a great combo when letting loose and doing your best to forget that you have to work on Tuesday.lakesidebbq We recommend a classically American baseball tee. The 3/4 length sleeves are nice for protection from the sun without risking overheating. It’s a classic look that can be paired with jeans or swim trunks and will definitely showcase your American pride.




Meeting the Parents

It’s totally possible that this could be the weekend that you’re finally going back to your significant other’s hometown to meet their parents.meettheparents The first step is to breathe. We repeat, do NOT freak out. Just kidding, you’ll be fine…maybe. The best move when meeting parents is to play it cool. A crewneck sweatshirt is a great option because if it fits correctly, it’s going to look good without being too bold. Pair it with some khakis and you’ll totally trick them into thinking you’re a completely upstanding member of society.



Party Hopper

We get it, you have tons of friends and they’re all expecting you to show your face at their party. When hopping from one place to the next you want to be prepared for a multitude of climates and atmospheres. Cue the pocket tee and the zip up hoodie. The tee works great for any warmer outdoor up hoodie The hoodie is a perfect addition for the later evening parties once the sun goes down and you’re still trying to finish off that 6’er of IPAs. If you’re feeling extra bold, tie the sweatshirt around your waist during the daytime for some added style. Combine with a fedora and some denim for a finely curated look.




Everything American Made Supply Co. creates is made in Los Angeles, so you can feel good wearing them on such a patriotic holiday. Definitely check them out for any/all of your basic wardrobe needs. They’re having a Memorial Day sale of 50% off all French Terry Cloth items and 30% off of everything else on the site!

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