How to Get Yourself Into Yoga

Monday Motivation time, Gents! Get out your mats and prep yourself for the hard truth: there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be practicing yoga.

Yoga isn’t new anymore. Regardless of where you live, there is likely an opportunity to take part in yoga within a reasonably drivable distance.

Common Excuses:

“I’m not flexible enough”: Nonsense. Yoga will increase your flexibility. Even if you can barely reach your knees, continually pushing your body in a healthy way will create flexibility.

“I’m embarrassed”: Get over it. If you go to a class and legitimately feel judged by the people there, switch to a different class. Most people aren’t there to judge, they’re there to better themselves, as you should be too.

“It’s all women”: It’s common for yoga to be predominantly practiced by women, sure. That doesn’t mean that men aren’t allowed. Being in a foreign environment like a yoga class with the opposite sex is good because it eliminates the element of comparison. Also, if you’re still put off by the women thing, check out Broga (it’s a real thing), where the classes are all men.


  • Flexibility: Even if you start at zero, you can work towards becoming flexible.
  • Muscle Strength: You’d be surprised by how toned and muscular you can get from yoga.
  • Natural Energy: No more afternoon crash, therefore work performance increases.
  • Improved Athleticism: Crush your buddies in your yearly flag football tournament.
  • Protection from Injury: Face it, you’re getting older. Injury prevention is essential at every age.


So you’re opening your mind a bit to the possibilities, which is great. There are a couple of things you’ll need to maximize your experience and keep you coming back for more.

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