How to Keep Your Sneakers Clean This Spring & Summer

If you’re like us, you plan on rocking white sneakers a lot this year. Here’s how to keep them fresher longer.

White sneakers are a spring and summer staple. Whether it’s a classic silhouette like the Converse Chuck Taylor or Nike Air Force 1, or something new school and chic like a pair of Common Projects, keeping your shoes clean is essential to maximizing their style potential.

Different materials call for different approaches to cleaning. If you have a canvas shoe, you’re going to need something to get into the fibers of the fabric and lift the stain. Whereas if it’s a leather shoe, you ought to be able to get most of the dirt off the shoe with soap and water.

Jason Markk is a brand that specializes in the cleaning of shoes of all types of materials. They’ve taken shoe cleanliness to a new level with products specifically engineered to keep your shoes fresher, longer. With their hog bristle brush and sneaker solution, you ought to be able to make any pair of old beaters fresh enough for a new life this summer.

Investing a bit of money into caring for your shoes will save you a bunch of money in the long run so you don’t have to keep buying a new pair when your old ones get dirty. Also, it ought to keep you from getting into a fight with the guy who accidentally stepped on your kicks.

Check out the video below to see us demonstrate the product and how well it works!

Also find some of our favorite spring and summer sneakers below:

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