How To Make Sure Your Outfit Always Looks Good

When you’re getting dressed, there is one thing you should think about to make sure your outfit is always on point. Proportions. This rule works from casual looks to suits and ties.  Today we are going to cover the suit and tie version of this concept.

Size Matters

When it comes to putting your outfit together it is important to consider the size of certain parts of your outfits.  Up top you want to keep your Lapels, Tie, & Shirt Collar the same width.  If you keep these three things the same it will work no matter the trend is in style at the time.  For example: If you’re wearing a suit with 2 inch lapels you want to wear a tie between 2-2.5 inches and a shorter shirt collar around the same width.  Visually, keeping everything the same size keeps the eye from seeing something out of place.

For pants, the same rule applies.  If you’re wearing a more relaxed fit pant you want to go with a more chunky shoe that can handle the width of the trouser.  If you’re wearing a slim fit pant you want a shoe that is sleek and slim.

If you keep everything in proportion you will never have an outfit that is out of place as long as you don’t go overboard with the patterns and accessories.  Keep things simple at first and you’re all good.

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