How to Rock a Neckerchief like a Man

…without looking like a boy scout.

You’ve probably seen it, from your favorite Instagrammer to the newest menswear runway collection. If not? Get familiar. Giddy up, Cowboy, because this spring/summer trend is here to stay…for now.

what the heck is a neckerchief?

It’s a super easy way to fold a square bandana into a wrap around your neck. It adds a pop of color or a complimentary color to your otherwise standard outfit. Sticking within the Americana-esque colors of white, red and blue make it a foolproof add-on.

how do i wear it?

Start by folding your square bandana into a triangular shape. From there, start folding and rolling the fabric by the long side until you are left with a long thin wrap. Once that is complete, wrap the bandana around your neck and tie the two loose ends at the bottom into a knot. You can also use a small ring or piece of leather to hold both ends. Pair it with a denim-on-denim outfit to keep with the Americana theme or a clean, white button-up to add a pop of color that will turn heads. Perfect for a casual weekend off, your next farmers market. You can go bolder and pair it with a leather jacket or a tank top for your next festival outing. There are no rules when it comes to style, so make it your own and step outside of your comfort zone to get involved with a surprisingly wearable trend this season.

where do i find one?

Bandanas are easily accessible; many trendy companies are now selling their own versions, but our preference is to go to your local thrift store to save on cost and markup as well as finding more unique patterns (and sometimes better quality). Fabric stores are also a great place to look as they’ll have a large variety of color options. It will help if you wash the bandana a couple of times before use so that it loosens up. This trend is as simple to create as it is to wear.

Check out some options below:

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