How to Set Yourself Apart in Your Next Interview

Whether it’s for a promotion or a summer internship, you’re gonna wanna see this.

Interviewing is part of life, whether you’re fresh out of school or you’ve been working for 20 years. And while we can’t help you fill those gaps in your resume, we can help you look good enough that hopefully they’ll be overlooked.

Suit Up

In 99% of cases, you will not regret going with a suit for your interview. And, erring on the side of caution, you should stick with a basic navy or charcoal gray suit (we’re somewhat partial to navy over here). Fit, as always, is very important so make sure that, at minimum, you have the inseam and arms hemmed.

Button It

The shirt is easy. Go white, or maybe light blue, in color. You’ll want to skip shirts with patterns or anything that looks too casual here. While traditional “rules” say that you shouldn’t wear a button-down collar with a suit, we say go ahead if that’s what works best with your interview outfit.

All Tied Up

If you’ve followed our advice up to this point, your suit and tie are in very versatile colors, allowing you some freedom with your tie. While we are partial to red, you can certainly break out blue or green as well and look damn good. Just keep an eye on the tie width, as it should coordinate with the width of your suit jacket lapels. And just to be safe, let’s leave the skinny ties in your closet for interview day. You’re better off projecting an air of classic masculinity.

Sock It To ’em

Socks might be the easiest part of your outfit. Are you wearing a navy suit? Then go with navy socks. Are you wearing a charcoal suit? Then go with gray or black socks. Boom, done. Don’t go too bold with your sock choice so as to avoid looking immature.

You’re a Shoe-In

Your shoes will probably require the most work, so let’s start with color. Volumes have been written about what color shoes you should wear with every color suit, but we can keep things simple here. Wear your brown shoes with the navy suit or black shoes with the charcoal suit.

If you haven’t done so recently, you should give them a shine, since no one wants to look down and see your scuffed up shoes. A lot of people put great stock in how someone treats their shoes, so yours shouldn’t give them any reason to question.

BONUS TIP: Be sure to shine the heels just as well as the toes. Bosses have confessed to checking out the backs of a guy’s shoes as he leaves the interview.

Knock ‘Em Dead

Be confident, know that you look great. Taking the time to ensure a proper fit will make you stand out from the other guys who are wearing their graduation suit or something straight from the rack. Now that you’re properly outfitted, its time to go crush that interview. One little pro-tip: take off the jacket in the car ride to avoid it getting wrinkled. It’ll will have you looking great from the moment you walk through those doors. You can thank us later…

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