How to Survive A Music Festival

No matter the festival you choose, the conditions are generally the same. It’s going to be hot, busy, expensive, and a little dirty.  We put together this guide to help you make it through the weekend and come out in much better shape than the majority of other festival goers.


The key to surviving any festival is pretty much a game of prevention. If you can keep from getting too drunk, sunburned, lost, tired, hungry, or thirsty you’re going to have a good time.

Our Survival Essentials:

1. Bring a bag

A backpack is our number one essential.  It will hold the rest of this list securely and easily right on your back.

The Backpack: Hex Bags

2. Waterbottle & Snacks

A water bottle is great. A water bottle that will keep your drinks cold in 100+ degrees weather is much better.  If you haven’t heard of S’well bottles yet you need to.  Also, while you’re waiting to see your favourite band it’s always nice to have a granola bar or two to save you from waiting in crazy food and drink lines.

3. First aid

This may seem silly but trust us, day 3 you will thank us for giving you these little nuggets of information.  Sunscreen is number one on the list.  The sun is hot and shade is limited, take care of your skin and if you can throw a lip balm in the bag.  Along with the heat, chances are there is going to be some dust and dirt to deal with.  Eyedrops are a life saver when thousands of people are kicking dirt and dust up.  Not to mention you will be on your feet and walking for 8+ hours a day.  Blisters happen guys, but having some band aids or Pre-heels in your bag can help prevent that.


Festival accessories are all about keeping you comfortable throughout the day. A good hat, sunglasses, a watch, and some comfy shoes are all musts on our list.  We recommend not spending too much money on these things if you plan to get down and dirty in the pit but you can bring your more expensive stuff out if you plan to stay back and watch from a distance.

5. The extras

There are some things you really don’t need with you at a music festival but if you have the room they make great additions.  One of those things is a guitar.  If you have musically talented friends there is nothing better than sitting around a campfire singing songs with your friends.  Perfect to keep the festival vibe going until the next day Our friends at fender sent over one of their new Paramount Series Guitars.

And that pretty much wraps up our guide to surviving your first, next, or last festival of the season.  Good luck!


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