Introducing Movado’s Heritage Timepiece

Today, we had the opportunity to test out Movado’s Heritage timepiece collection.  A personal favorite, Movado has done it again!  The watches sleek design and back to basics approach really allowed me to stylish the watch with any outfit (though I chose a suit).  I wore the timepiece for nearly a week straight to test out the functionality, and quickly realized it kept amazing time and had incredible durability (also took it jogging). The size was also another positive note, as it came in both a 40mm and 43mm, making it perfect for all wrist sizes.  This isn’t the case with most watches, but Movado was one of the first to introduce a slender watch with a modern clean aesthetic. Overall, I was extremely happy with Movado’s new heritage line, classic with just the right amount of pop!  It is great to see them sticking to their roots, and keeping the Calendoplan going strong!

Take a Look at the Movado Heritage Home Page Here!

Links to the timepieces we styled in post below:

1. Black Movado Watch

2. Brown (black face) Movado Watch

3. Brown Perorated Movado Watch






















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