It’s Time to Jump on These Pants Bandwagon

Something we’ve all got in our closet already. These will have you styling until winter!

We would be willing to go all in on the fact that you have some denim in your closet. If you’re like us, you have far too many pairs. It’s the most versatile pant option there is, ranging from super high end designer to a cheap pair that you wear to do gardening. What? You don’t do gardening? You’re missing out.

However, this spring and summer, the trend of distressed denim is back with a vengeance. It’s been in style for the streetwear crowd for quite some time, but now things have gone mainstream, just with minor tweaks to what was already out there. If you don’t already own a pair of distressed jeans, you can easily DIY yourself a pair (an upcoming video), or you can buy them pre-distressed from just about every store that sells jeans.

The reason they’re so great is because they can bring a bit of edge to otherwise simple, casual or classic outfits. Even a simple hole in one knee can look really badass with a t-shirt and some boots or sneakers.

There are things you want to be avoiding, too. If your jeans are overly distressed, you’re going to look like a slob or a hypebeast; neither of which you want. Also, you want to stick with a slightly slimmer pair of jeans. If the leg is too wide, it’s easier to look sloppy. Also, just because they’re not ripped doesn’t mean they don’t work. Any sort of stress on the pant adds a nice edge.

Check out Blake and George’s tips on how to style distressed denim below as well as some of our favorite pairs out there now if you need some:

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