Made to Measure VS Bespoke Suiting

The term bespoke gets thrown around quite a bit these days.  Most of the time it is used incorrectly, especially when it comes to suits.  Just because you bought a “custom” suit does not make it bespoke.  Bespoke suits cost anywhere from $1200 – $8000.  Yea, we know, that’s a ton of money.  For those of you that have the luxury to go bespoke, more power to you.  But for the rest of us we recommend a made to measure suit.


If you want a great fitting suit all you need is a good tailor.  A bespoke suit from a bad tailor is just about as good as buying something off the rack and wearing it out of the store.  Made to measure suits are still fitted to your body.  The only thing you can’t change is the design.  You make have many options to choose from, but say you wanted 3.5″ lapels instead of 3″ it simply couldn’t be done without making a new pattern for the suit.


Why does bespoke cost so much more?

When you get a bespoke suit made the tailor will take your measurements and physically cut a pattern that is completely custom to you.  With made to measure the tailor will choose the pattern closest to fit your body and adjust the measurements from there.  With made to measure they can use the same basic pattern for many people, with bespoke the pattern is used just for you. Hence the hefty amount on the price tag for a bespoke suit.


The benefits of made to measure

Made to measure is perfect for those guys that are in between sizes.  If you have broad shoulders and a skinny waist or happen to be really tall or short made to measure is the way to go. Chances are if you are trying to buy off the rack the suit is not going to fit right without a good amount of tailoring.  With made to measure this is already included in the price tag.  When they make your suit they can take in or out about 4 inches in any area that needs it.  There is usually an initial measuring session and then you wait about 4-6 weeks for your suit to come in.  Once the suit comes in you take care of the final details to get that perfect fit.


Is Bespoke worth the extra money?

In our opinion no.  Bespoke suiting is a work of art don’t get us wrong, but if we can have five made to measure suits for the price of one bespoke suit we will take the five.  Bespoke suiting is a statement piece for sure. Something that says I’ve made it.  A little less in your face than a Rolex or a new Porsche but you get the point.  It would be really hard for someone to tell the difference unless they saw the label or you told them flat out, “this is bespoke.”  In the end, if you have the cash go for it. But, if you want to ball on a budget and look just as good for a quarter of the price made to measure is the way to go.


If you’re looking for a made to measure suit we recommend taking a look at our friends Strong Suit Clothing.

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