#Motivation: A New Way of Working Your Core

Simple crunches don’t always cut it. Here’s something new to try…

If you’re looking to cut extra fat or emphasize your core muscles this summer, consider trying something different than the classic crunches and leg lifts that you’ve been doing for years with just-ok results. Andy Speer, creator of Anarchy Abs realized that core strength and growth can be achieved through working the glutes and hips in accordance with the abs. The moves are designed to work your sides individually so as to eliminate any imbalances in your form. The finishing move will increase your heart rate to aide in the burning of fat around your core muscles to really make them pop.

Here’s what to do:

Single Leg Bridge March – Start with the right side for 30 seconds

Rest for 15 seconds

Single Leg Iso Bridge and Abduction – Right side, for 30 seconds

Rest for 15 seconds

Reverse Plank with Single Leg Knee Drive – 30 seconds

15 second rest

Starter Drill – 30 seconds

15 second rest

Repeat all of the moves on the left side of your body and that will complete 1 set. Work your way up to performing 5 sets in a row.

We understand you’re probably unfamiliar with a lot of these moves, so here’s a video of Andy himself demonstrating…

header image via muscleandfitness.com

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