#Motivation: How to Avoid Full-On Winter Bod

It’s a slippery slope, but here’s how to manage…

Staying in somewhat decent shape during the winter isn’t easy. The holidays are always a time of bounty, the weather is depressing and cold, and you can easily hide a bit of extra beneath several layers of clothing. In order to maintain the best quality of life and also make it easier on yourself once it’s time to get back into summer shape, you should follow some certain guidelines. These will help you keep your weight in check and ensure your staying as healthy as possible.


While it may not always be important to be on top of your exact weight, do your best to be weighing yourself at least twice a month. This is a great way to get a factual answer as to whether you’ve been eating too many slices of pie. Weight can be sneaky and since you live in your own body on a daily basis, 5-10 extra pounds can arise without you even noticing. By staying on top of your weight, you’ll be able to know how much you should or shouldn’t be eating.

Squeeze in a Workout

Now that the new year is officially here, the gym can get to be a bit crowded with resolution motivated people. If you can’t handle the gym when it’s packed, do an at home bodyweight workout to at least boost your heart rate and break a sweat. Apps like Fitbod, Freeletics, and SworkOut are all great for providing you with workout plans for just this occasion.

Join a Race

Whether it’s a half-marathon or a Tough Mudder, by signing up for a race later in the year, you’ll stay motivated to ensure you’re ready to compete. Maintaining your fitness levels is extremely important in order to ensure you don’t get hurt and are able to finish the race. Partner up with someone to ensure that you have accountability for staying fit.

These are just three simple ideas. Get creative with yourself and set goals for the spring. Create a reward for yourself if this goal is met. For instance, if there’s a new gadget you’ve got your eye on, say that you will buy it for yourself if you lose 10 pounds by April. This way you won’t be able to slack off because your goals won’t get met and you won’t get your reward.

Best of luck and here’s to staying ready for summer!

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