#Motivation: How to Cut Sugar

It’s one of the worst things for you and hardest things to quit.

Sugar. The all-too-friendly additive that we grew to love as kids and have mostly been unable to stop loving as adults, even though we know that it’s terrible for us. It’s addicting, and that’s a real thing. There are endorphins released when you consume sugar that relate all the way back to childhood. Even when you don’t realize, you’re probably consuming a lot of sugar. It’s added to all sorts of things like canned pasta sauce, crackers, and even flavored water. In order to live your healthiest life, you should start paying more attention to your sugar intake and do your best to start weening yourself off of it. Once you get to a healthier level, you can continue to consume it, just in a more reasonable manner.

Here are a few ways you can start to cut sugar from your diet.

Substitute Fruit

A lot of us love dessert. It’s understandable. After a salty meal, something sweet cleanses the palate quite nicely. Rather than reaching for some candy, cake, or something processed, be sure to keep fresh fruit around the house. Enjoy some raw strawberries or an orange as these possess natural sugars that are much better for you and will have the same effect as dessert.

Go Nuts

By consuming a handful of raw almonds, you’ll keep sugar cravings at arm’s length. Their contents leave you feeling fuller for a longer period of time, eliminating the urge to grab something sugary.

Apple & PB

Spread some creamy peanut butter on a granny smith apple. The sweet fruit juices and the savory butter will create a delicious combo and leave you feeling satisfied without needing a whole bag of candy.

These are just three of many options out there available to help you curb your sugar intake. Understand that it’s going to take some will power to curb your cravings. Sugar will demand that you feed the cravings, but by subbing in something lighter in sugar content and generally better for you, you’ll start to establish healthier habits.

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