#MotivationMonday: 3 Easy Ways to Control Your Appetite

There’s no time more tempting to eat poorly than the holidays.

It’s true, the holidays are the easiest time of year to slack on your diet and pack on some extra pounds. If it’s five, that’s ok, but when you start slipping into the 10-15 range, you run the risk of gaining more than you’ll be able to lose once summer rolls back around. You’ll alter your body’s chemistry enough to the point that you will get used to being a certain amount weight heavier than what’s healthy for you. This is bad.

In order to avoid this for yourself, it’s best to take control of your appetite and avoid overeating on a regular basis. There are ways to do this that are stronger than just will power, so let’s get into it.


By eating throughout the day, even before you become hungry, you’ll avoid overeating. Too often, we wait until our body is demanding that we feed it and then end up eating far too much. This packs our system and creates a spike in insulin, which is why you feel tired after a big meal. This leads to poor habits and a downward spiral into unhealthy territories. Understand that even though you don’t take lunch until 1:30, when you’re starving, eating a small bite at noon will reduce the risk of eating too much at lunch and avoiding an afternoon crash.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Stick with water. Adding on extra calories with sodas or juices is an easy way to fall into a black hole of calories of which you won’t be able to work your way out. Water is going to boost your energy levels, have you looking better with clearer, brighter skin, and will also not trick you into thinking your hungry when you’re actually not, like a lot of sugary drinks will do. If you need a caffeine boost, go for a small black coffee and then get right back to water.


Too often when we’re eating, we slam everything into our faces because we have to be someplace or we don’t think to slow down. By eating more slowly, your body will recognize how full it’s becoming closer to real time. How many times have you slammed through your lunch, only to feel gross and bloated 20 minutes later? That’s because it takes a bit of time for the food in our stomachs to settle and relay the message to our brains that we’re full. Slow down and understand that although you may not feel stuffed right when you finish lunch, in 20-30 minutes you’ll be feeling much better.

Using these three tactics in combination with a healthy diet and exercise will keep you in great shape this winter. It’s totally acceptable to put on a couple of pounds for comfort and warmth, but keep it under control. Maintaining a ripped six pack isn’t the goal, it’s creating a long term basis for your body to maintain it’s maximum health.

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