#MotivationMonday: 4 Steps to Having the Ultimate Halloween Cheat Day

There’s no better day for it than Halloween!

If you’re focusing on your health and fitness, now’s the time of year when it becomes the hardest to stay motivated. Giving yourself the freedom to cheat on your diet is a helpful way to take controlled steps backwards from your goals without falling completely off the rails.

Halloween is today, soon it’ll be Thanksgiving and then it’s Christmas. Three holidays marked by their temptations of candy, heavy foods and pies. Here’s how to have the ultimate Halloween cheat day:

Don’t Say No

Contrary to your 6th grade after school program, saying no is your enemy on Halloween. It doesn’t matter that you’ve already eaten a bag of candy corn and a whole box of gobstoppers, you’re gonna eat that caramel apple! It’s not like you’re going to notice a difference in a week of being back at the gym anyways.

Prioritize Candies

If you know that chocolate is more filling for you than sweeter, fruitier candies, maybe stick to chocolate so that you’ll fill up faster and therefore eat a bit less!

Not All Sugar is Created Equal

Sure, when your body breaks it down, sugar from fruit and sugar from candy are technically the same compound. That doesn’t mean that you should try cheating by eating a bunch of grapes or something. Really let yourself go and remember what it’s like to be a kid and not have a care in the world!

Dump That Junk

The last element is extremely vital. Once you’ve consumed as much candy and sweets as your body can handle, you MUST get rid of it. Hopefully that means donating to a niece or nephew rather than simply throwing it away, but getting it out of the house is key. If you leave it around, the likelihood of you wallowing in your sorrows and skipping the gym to snack on candy leftovers skyrockets.


That’s it! Enjoy yourself tonight. Be safe and don’t eat already opened candy, idiot!

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