#MotivationMonday: 5 Tricks to Staying Healthier at a Restaurant

Restaurants are always one of the toughest places to stay healthy…until now.

Eating out is awesome. It’s a great way to try new foods, have a great time with friends, bond over a deep conversation or close a big deal. It’s no secret, however, that eating well at a restaurant can be difficult. Portions are large, you don’t really know exactly what’s being put into your food as butter and salt are a chef’s best friend to ensure the tastiest possible dishes.

If you’re still sticking to a new year’s resolution or just trying to eat better in general, it’s a bummer not being able to go out with friends and enjoy a nice dinner. Worry no more as there are moves that you can be making to ensure yourself a healthier experience without missing out on the fun of eating out.

Digest the Menu

As nice as it can be to ignore the menu and just tell the server to bring you their favorite dish, if you’re watching what you’re eating, you need to read the entire menu. See what’s there and recognize that maybe just ordering an appetizer with a side or two is better than ordering a full on entree.

Be Specific

Don’t let the servers eye roll or passive aggressive tone get you down when ordering. If you want to alter a dish so that it has oil and vinegar instead of cream or a small salad instead of potatoes, be clear that you’re trying to eat healthier and order what you need. If you’re nice about it, they won’t have an issue…unless they’re just an asshole.

Water Up

If you’re at an event or someplace where food is being served without you ordering something, chug a full glass of water as soon as you sit down to the table. It will fill a portion of your stomach so that you’re not tempted to fill up on bread or those last few french fries.

Take Some To Go

As soon as your food arrives, ask for a to-go box to be delivered to the table and pack half of your burger or steak in the box for lunch tomorrow. This will hopefully eliminate your temptation and ability to consume the entire meal because it’s out of sight out of mind.

Refills Aren’t Free

If you’re one of those people who absolutely needs a soda with their food, do not allow yourself a refill. This stacks on loads of excess calories. A good approach is to let your server know you only want this one glass of soda and then you’d like to move onto soda water for the remainder of the meal.

These are five great moves that will set you on the right track to establishing new habits for yourself when eating out. There are absolutely other things that you can be doing, like subbing the fries for salad, never adding extra salt, and always ordering the dressing on the side, but those are things that aren’t completely necessary if you’re good about managing your portion sizes and calorie intake from soda and alcohol.

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