#MotivationMonday: An Easy Thanksgiving Workout

Burn off some of those extra calories and make room for more!

With Turkey Day coming up this week, our bodies need to be ready for some punishment. Stuffing, turkey, turducken, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, and all the pies will be consumed on Thursday. This often begins the downward spiral our diets and exercise routines take throughout the holiday season. Make this year the exception! Here’s an easy routine you can do at your parent’s house that doesn’t require any gym equipment at all.

All body weight exercises, which there is plenty of thanks to Grandma’s sweet potato pie.

Squats: 60 seconds

Pushups: 30 seconds

Jog in Place: 30 seconds

Crunches: 60 seconds

Diamond Pushups: 30 seconds

Burpees: 30 seconds

Plank: 60 seconds

That’s 5 minutes! Do this cycle 3-5 times and you’ll break a nice little sweat. Burning some extra calories will make you even hungrier when it comes to that 3rd helping of stuffing.

Happy Holidays!!


header image via weeklygravy.com

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