#MotivationMonday: An Easy Trick for Maximum Workout Productivity

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Staying motivated isn’t easy, using tricks to avoid falling out of your routine is essential. There are a seemingly infinite number of distractions out there to keep us from getting the results we want at the gym. Happy hour, junk food, catching up on whatever binge-worthy Netflix show is currently trending are all valid excuses for cutting your workout short or skipping it altogether. Here’s the number one way to stay motivated…

Workout Buddies!

Group classes and personal trainers are expensive, so if you’re a more average gym-goer, teaming up with a friend will keep things fun and interesting, therefore increasing the likelihood of a great workout routine.

  • You’ll have someone else relying on you just as much as you’re relying on them so you won’t skip
  • A lot of exercises work better with a spotter, and no one likes having to ask Todd, the condescending gym rat, to help out
  • There will be someone there to push you in a competitive way to get better, stronger and faster
  • Working out will seem more like a fun activity than a chore, therefore increasing your enjoyment level
What to Avoid
  • Don’t team up with someone who’s even less motivated than you because you’ll likely allow each other to make excuses and skip
  • Be sure that if you’re making it into a competition, don’t let it get out of hand. Maintain the fun to avoid feelings or muscles getting hurt
  • Don’t team up with someone who’s way out of your league in terms of fitness goals, this will likely lead to you getting down on yourself or injuring yourself trying to keep up

Teaming up also doesn’t have to be an in-person thing. Thanks to apps like MyFitnessPal, UA Record and many others, you can track your fitness goals and still create a social aspect to maintain motivation. Realistically, fitness is hard. Difficulty is at the very core of getting fit, so by figuring out how to make things fun for you, the likelihood of quitting or getting burned out decreases.

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